sculptural relief in D U T C H tradition .
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Again I am proud to show you a new artwork! This time I wanted to try a new type of base board with 'double' edges. To get those edges, I glued two thin wooden boards together. In the -inverted- maze relief, there is a prevelance for vertical above horizontal blocks. Base colour is olive. Black and yellow nuances are added. Unfortunalely, this is hard to see on these photo's, but it really makes the paintwork alive. Enjoy 'Verticality'! Facts: Height: 60 cm / 23,6 inch - width: 40 cm / 15,7 inch - depth: 3 cm / 1,2 inch - weight: 2,2 kg - paint (base): olive, black and yellow (chalk) - relief: hardfoam (styrodur xps) - frame: two boards - estimated hours work: about 30 over a period of 3 weeks. #maze #labyrinth #wallsculpture #dutchart #barrybouman #labyrinth #verticality #wandsculptuur #contemporaryart #modernekunst #doolhof #algorithmicart #hedendaagsekunst #mazeart #chalkpaint #wallobject #howitsdone #discovertheartofcollectingart

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