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10 Questions about ME

1. What is your background?

Born in 1971 with a natural interest in art, computers and architecture. After high school, studied artficial intelligence at the Free university of Amsterdam. With a succesful finish, I started working for IT several companies. Now I am happy with programming and managing IT projects. But still I was looking for a project for myself. Besides my fulltime job, I started to create artworks in the early 2015's.

#artificialintelligence #freeuniversityamsterdam #programming

2. How and why did you start creating art?

A few things came together: I always was interested in art, wanted to work with my hands and was looking for some individualistic expresssion. So, I developed an idea that would put these interests together. The idea involves creating unique artworks, based on my knowledge and experiences. With those starting points in mind, I started experimenting with wood, styrodur, glue and paint. This resulted in the first four tryouts as you can see on the photo below. This looked very promising, so much that I knew I had to take more steps!

first four ...

#individuality #decorating #meaningfulhobby #styrodur

3. How would you charactarize your artworks?

On my website and on my business card you can find the quote 'sculptural relief art in dutch tradition'. This is a starting point which charactarizes my work, which follows the tradition of earlier abstract artists such as Jan Schoonhoven. My artworks are less abstract because I always like to have a certain connection to subjects or events in the real world. Another important charactaristic of my work involves complexity. I want the artwork to be un-minimalistic, substantial and complex. The complexity mostly lies in the design of the base pattern, which is often computer generated and then translated to a board. These charactaristics combined must make the artworks unique and signed all over as a 'Labyrinthz' artwork.

#signedallover #dutchtradition #unminimalistic #complexity #maze #labyrinth

4. What materials and techniques do you use?

The initial design of each artwork starts on the computer and a fresh wooden board. This means that I try to find an algorithm for generating a base structure and then I apply all kinds of adjustments. Then I start to cut the styrodur pieces with a hot wire cutter and glue them to a board. When that work is done, the painting fase starts. When painting I use color that match the relief and the board as much as possible. Finally, I punch the name of the number and name of the artwork on the back. A lot of these phase can be seen in my Instagram posts.

#wood #styrodur #hotwirecutter

5. Can you summarize your concept?

My 'concept' involves creation plus easy distribution of the artwork. The artwork should be unique and complex as you may have read in one of previous questions. Another side of the concept involves globalization. The works are universal and should appeal to people everywhere in the world. So I sell them via an international channel and send them anywhere in the world. This involves sending the artwork in a package, so they are strong and packed elaborately. Thinking global, I use english in communication on my website and on social media utterances.

#unique #universal #globalaudience

6. Where do you get you inspiration?

Inspiration should arise mostly spontaniously, but I try to stimulate this by visiting museums and exhibitions, watching art documentaries and following courses. I also try out new materials and keep evaluating my own artworks. So I keep my mind busy as possible to generate ideas. The ideas that last after a night sleep are the things that can improve my art. By doing this, I am trying to improve, innovate, stay unique and surprise the world!

#inspiration #museum #exhibition #documentary

7. Which artists do you admire, or do you have examples?

There are a lot of artists I admire, but there are just a few I may be unconsciously influenced by. Let's just drop some names that first come to my mind: Victor Vaserely, a french/hungarian artist who was leading in geometric abstraction. I like specially like his op-art. Theo Janssen, who is an inventor of imaginary beasts called 'strandbeesten' of 'beachbeasts'. He is an true independent thinking artist. Jan Schoonhoven, a dutch artist who became famous of his abstract wall sculptures. Richard Serra, an american sculture artist, from who I like his labyrinth sculptures. Gerhard Richter, a german artist who made intriguing photorealistic paintings. Belgian duo Van Vaerenbergh who created a masterpiece in Genk Belgium called the c-mine Labyrinth. I can go on and name more artists, but I think this sums up the first things that came to my mind.

#victorvaserely #theojanssen #janschoonhoven #richardserra #gerhardrichter #vanvaerenbergh

8. Do you set goals and plans for the future?

Past few years I worked hard to improve and create as many artworks as possible. I keep working hard to have my artworks hanging in every country in the world. This year I am planning my first exhibition in The Netherlands at the nulllll art fair. Besides that, I do not really make plans or have concrete goals. Maybe increase productivity by hiring an assistant, or move to a larger studio where I can make larger artworks, who knows...

#workhard #exhibition #increaseproductivity

9. What is you commercial perspective on your art?

Because I do have a secure income working as an IT manager, I am not financial dependend on my art. This way, I can create art without worrying about selling for the highest price but for a fair price. Whats is a fair price? That is a price where both parties have a good feeling about after the sale. Main objective is that a lot of people can enjoy it on their wall. People sometimes ask me to make a commissioned work. If such a request reaches me we have to talk about the wishes and we can agree upon the commission. Main thing is that the new work fits the Labyrinthz concept and the deadline is not too tight.

#fairprice #commission

10. Do you have more interests besides computers and art?

My job and my artistic work consume a lot my time, but I still need time to relax and clear my head and think about new ideas. To do that, I walk a lot in the woods, the parcs and beaches near Haarlem. After that I like to drink beer and watch soccer, especially my favourite club AZ Alkmaar.

#walkwoods #beer #soccer

So I hope now you know more about me and my art. I you have any questions or remarks don't hesitate to contact me.

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