sculptural relief in D U T C H tradition .
2021Obey the Algorithm .
2020Volcano . Prim by Prim . Verticality . 541 decisions . 9 versus 5 . Formicary . Blockchain 1917 . Behind bars . se7en . Break-even . Kruskalicious . Curvatures . Z below Zero .
2019Working 3 to 5 . Sloppy Consequent . ZigZag . Bridges 'n' Edges . One way and no other . The Algorhythm . Algorithms colliding . The Finest Algorithm . Ant Trap . Tegami Zu .
2018Ochre loops . Escape room . Living O . Sunblocks . Blockchain . Searching in a circle
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A little more about me ...

My name is Barry Bouman, born in the year 1971 in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, now living in Haarlem.


In the early 2015's, I decided to combine my knowledge, interests and skills to create artworks and see where that would lead to. In the process of making them, I combined computer programming, working with wood, painting and a tiny little bit of artificial intelligence.

Inspiration comes mainly from certain materials, techniques and the work of various artists. I am always in the process of developing my own signature. Therefore I am spending a lot of time with trying, failing and learning. This is my journey into producing the most satisfactory results as can be seen on this website.

I hope you enjoy the artworks as much as I do!

Are you interested in one of the works? Please send an e-mail to and I will get back to you quickly.

Kind regards,
Barry Bouman

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